Excited for ARMA 3? This new  trailer will make sure you are after you get a quick glimpse of the new features that the freshly released ARMA 3 beta  puts at your fingertips.

New maps, new vehicles, more weapons and graphical improvements are just a few of the features that Bohemia Interactive is implementing in ARMA 3, the next installment to the hardcore military simulator series, ARMA. Take to the skies and drop down on your enemies in heavily armored transport helicopters, dive underwater and pilot small assault submarines during an amphibious assault on your opponents base, or simply ram  down the gates with potent 30mm armored personnel carriers.

The ARMA series offers some of the largest maps in FPS history as well as the most in depth game play systems available and with ARMA 3 just around the corner, ARMA fans have more reason than ever to be excited.

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