If you call yourself a fan of first person shooters, you know all about the Killzone series. Killzone is the brainchild of Guerilla Games, and the studio is back with a new edition in the Killzone franchise with Killzone Mercenaries. However, this game can only be found on the PlayStation Vita. First person shooters have not been received well in the past but does this game break the mold? Read below to find out.

Killzone Mercenary is the first handheld Killzone game. Many may think that the Vita could not produce a first person shooter worth playing, but those people would be dead wrong. Killzone Mercenary has a fully developed single player campaign and a multiplayer offering as well.. This game was made for the Vita from the ground up and it feels like a console game on a handheld system. Needless to say this is an impressive offering for handheld gamers.


Killzone Mercenary had a tough act to follow considering the game before was Killzone 3. However, this title rises to the challenge and takes full advantage of the Vita’s control scheme. It delivers a legitimate, first person shooter experience on the small screen. The shooting feels great and movement is a breeze. From a controls point of view, it doesn’t get much closer to the console than this. Dual thumbsticks, a full set of face buttons and the shoulder buttons give you a real console feel, so any FPS fan is going to feel right at home.

If you’ve ever played a Killzone game, you’ll know that the guns are intense. They have a realistic, weighty feel and they make you feel like you are actually on Helghan fighting off the Helghast army. Killzone Mercenary is no different than any other Killzone game you’ve played. You get an impressive armory of weapons to choose from equipping both a primary and secondary weapon. In addition, you’ll be able to equip grenades, armor and a vanguard system. You’ll never feel like you don’t have the tools for the job. Once you start unlocking weapons, you’ll quickly see how many different combinations of load-outs you have access to. This allows for the game to cater to most styles of play, so if you like FPS games, you are going to like Killzone Mercenaries.


New Gamer Nation was given access to a preview build of the game, but from what we saw, this title is shaping up to become a flagship title for the system. The game is extremely well designed, the graphics are great and the controls are tight. These are all things that you need to have to put together an impressive first person shooter and impressed we were. We are definitely looking forward to this game on the Vita and if you love FPS games like we do, you should too. Stay tuned for more impressions as we get closer to launch.

Killzone Mercenaries will be released exclusively for the PlayStation Vita and it is set to launch in North America on September 10, 2013.



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