power rangers megaforce nintendo 3ds

The Power Rangers have been around for a long time (currently in its 20th season), but children (and adults) still have a sweet spot for the series. Namco Bandai have been making video games based off of the series for years and this fall will be bringing you the latest installment, Power Rangers Megaforce. Play as your favorite ranger (literally as the Nintendo 3DS camera can be used  to take a picture and you can watch yourself morph and take out enemies) amongst the Megaforce Rangers, summon Zords, and form Megazords on your Nintendo 3DS.  Additionally you will be able to scan in official Morpher Cards to obtain in-game power-ups.

It’s hard to imagine that after 20 years, the show is still going strong. Ok no it’s not. I grew up watching the first season of Power Rangers and even played some of the games. Let’s see if Namco Bandai can capture the current generation’s hearts with Power Rangers Megaforce.

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