Neon colors and prescription pills provide the base for the latest “retro-futuristic drugstep aracde shooter”, Intake.


Described by developer Cipher Prime as the “polychromatic love child of Dr. Mario and Ikaruga”, Intake puts you against wave after wave of cascading pills with catchy music tracks as you use powerups and quick reflexes to ensure no more than a few reach the bottom of the screen heralding a game over. If you’re wondering where you’ve heard of Cipher Prime, they’re the same dev group responsible for the abstract indie hits Splice and Fractal with their latest effort Intake certainly being one of the more approachable of the lot.

Aside from the pill aesthetic, at its core Intake is a simplified point and click version of Ikaruga where you’ll have to move your colored reticle over a pill and change its color between the two provided per level in order to shoot a pill and destroy it. The game will start slow enough giving you enough time to figure things out and get your fingers warm but soon you won’t just be worrying about what color you have currently selected. Progress through enough levels and you’ll be faced with pills with no color, mines, fast moving pills and more.

While your ultimate goal is to progress through the game and make it onto Intake’s leaderboards, you’ll find yourself with other aspirations as you try to purchase powerups that will help you progress through levels all the while unlocking the carefully crafted achievements from Cipher Prime that they assure are not “progress-only achievements”. The powerups are pretty useful too including ones that will destroy all pills on screen, those that grant extra lives and even those that grow the pills to ridiculous size making it that much easier to hit them.

All in all, Intake is a neon-colored game of reflexes that will keep you coming back if you love having a constant challenge. And personally as someone who has fallen in love again with high score oriented games – I’m all in. And for another day or so you can pick it up for as little as $6 as part of the Humble Bundle Weekly offering so step to it!

+Slick Aesthetic
+Fast Gameplay
-Too Hard for Some
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