microsoft xbox 720 announcement

Ever since Sony dropped bombs during their Playstation 4 announcement last week, everyone has been wondering when is Microsoft going to give some details on their upcoming system. Well a new domain registration suggests that they might be preparing an event of their own to presumably announce their new system.

The domain was registered yesterday by U.S. Techs. While that tidbit of knowledge in and of itself might seem insignificant at first glance since anyone could register a domain, the fact that U.S. Techs was the company behind the registration of, which was the event site used to sign up for Microsoft’s press briefing for last year’s E3, suggests that this could be legit.

Naturally this is all just speculation at this point, but it would appear that Microsoft could be gearing up for their own major announcement much like Sony’s February 20th event or perhaps they are just getting ready for their E3 press conference. What do you think Microsoft is up to? Drop a comment and let us know.

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