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The first entry into the Revelations spin-off series first graced us with its presence on the 3DS back in 2012 and now it has finally made its way to the current generation consoles. Revelations was revered as a strong strong spin-off title when it first came out and despite it holding up quite well on the newer systems, there are definitely some aspects that don’t carry over as well on the newer hardware and I am not sure if there is enough new bells and whistles for fans to revisit the Queen Zenobia.

Revelations takes place between games 4 and 5 of the mainline Resident Evil series. Placing you in the shoes of series stalwart Jill Valentine, as she searches the abandoned and contaminated cruise ship Queen Zenobia for answers. The campaign is broken up into different episodes, making it feel almost like a tv series, each episode took between 30-60 minutes to complete and between each one there is even a ‘previously on’ segment. Despite playing as Jill for the majority of the campaign, you will also take control of a number of other characters as well which acts as a fantastic way to keep the game feeling fresh as well as fleshing out more of the convoluted and yet, engaging story.

Jill’s story harkens back to the original Resident Evil as the Queen Zenobia plays similar to the mansion, you will come to learn the ins and outs of the dark corridors as you pick up new items that will allow you into unexplored areas and backtrack along the beaten path to find all the hidden secrets that the Zenobia has to offer. When playing as the other characters, although the gameplay mechanics are the same, you will not be backtracking and discovering new areas as these chunks of the game feel a lot more like smaller vignettes compared to Jill’s overarching story.

With this part of series taking place well after the franchise had moved on from the more straightforward ‘zombie’ type enemies of the earlier games, Jill and co. will come against some grotesque enemies. Going on along with the evolution of the series this title also leans a lot more towards action-heavy gameplay, granting you a bevy of different weapons that you can use to take on these abominations. Throughout your exploration, you are able to find gun mods for your weapons, granting you the ability to upgrade them with anything from damage boosts and bigger clip size to even stopping power and charged shots, these mods make some of your weapons feel incredibly powerful and can often make you feel like an unstoppable monster killing machine.

A large chunk of what Revelations feels like it is missing, is the suspense and horror often found in the other Resident Evil titles, combining that you almost always have a partner with you and that your essentials, ammo, and herbs, not feeling all that scarce, I never really felt a sense of dread and the fear of hearing the last click of my handgun as these horrors closed in around me. In saying that the sound design was quite good and it was almost solely responsible for any sort of tension that the game offered, despite in some situations even if I was standing next to my partner, and if I had my head turned away, I often couldn’t hear a word of what they were saying.

Adding to the 8-10 hour campaign is Raid Mode, unlike the series mainstay Mercenaries mode, Raid Mode is where you and a friend are challenged to complete different sections of the game as efficiently as you can. As you progress through each section, your character will earn experience and level up as well as earn currency that you can spend on new weapons, upgrades and replenishing your stock. Bonuses are earned throughout each level by killing all the enemies, not getting hurt or completing it quickly. This currency is also earned during your campaign playthrough as you are graded for your performance in each episode.

As your character progresses so does the difficulty of each level, not only pitting you against the familiar enemies you faced throughout your campaign but also different variations of these monsters, larger enemies that have more health and smaller versions that are quicker and that is just to name a couple. A new Chaos mode has been added to the Raid Mode in this iteration of Revelations which adds, even more, guts to this already meaty mode. Despite this mode not being as strong as different modes in other Resident Evil titles, Raid Mode can be very addictive, and striving to beat your past high score, or unlock new weapons can add countless hours to the campaign. However, I would have loved if they had added a couch co-op mode as well and not just online co-op.

If you are a huge fan of the Resident Evil series, you have probably played through this game once or twice before. On that, I am not sure if I can really recommend that you should dive back in for a second or even third time. The addition of the Chaos mode to the Raid mode may be enough for those who want to jump back down that addictive rabbit-hole, although in addition to that, there isn’t all that much for those that have played Revelations before. As for newcomers, Revelations is a strong title in the ever-expanding Resident Evil universe that tells a compelling story in a really cool way. Although it is probably recommended that you have played a few of other titles in the series to know exactly what is going on, the action-heavy gameplay is fun and the Raid Mode can be incredibly satisfying and addictive.

This Review is based on a review copy of the PS4 version of Resident Evil: Revelations developed and published by Capcom

I Feel Like We Have Been Here Before | Resident Evil: Revelations Review
Overall Score6.5
  • Chaos Mode is a good addition
  • Fun familiar gameplay
  • Sound is good...
  • when it works
  • Not enough new content
6.5Overall Score
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