With more and more games relying on sound design it is easy to see why headphones are an important part to any players gaming experience.  Situations usually arise where we can’t blast Call of Duty at two in the morning just to hear our enemies sneak behind us but luckily there are alternatives.  The Plantronics Gamecom 777 is a solid gaming headset which sits at the low end of the price scale but does a great job in giving gamers the most for thier money despite its bargain price (retailing for as low as $40 on Amazon).

This headset was designed for PC use and on that platform it does a great job.  Unfortunately this headset can not be used on the consoles because it lacks the external sound processors that other console headsets have.   However, the headset has 2 separate 1/4″ audio jacks, one for the speakers and one for the microphone and that is something most gaming headphones don’t offer.  The 777 comes with a USB mixer that your speaker/mic jacks plug into that convert the 1/4″ headphone jack to USB.  This conversion combined with the 7.1 compliant drivers in the headset allow the headset to support Dolby 7.1 surround sound assuming your computer is putting out a Dolby 7.1 signal.  Officially this is a simulated surround sound headset but as long as you have the hardware on your PC, you couldn’t tell the difference between this and an externally mixed signal.  Whether you have the ability to take full advantage of this headset or not, the sound quality is still excellent.  The bass is strong but the mid to high range on the headset is far clearer and that is where this headset excels.  Unfortunately the bass isn’t going to ever get to levels that will make this unit rattle off your head but the set still performs to a more than acceptable level.

The other strong point for this headset is the microphone.  Stylistically the boom folds into the main headband concealing it into the design of the headset.   I personally liked the fact that the boom didn’t just fold up along the side of the headphones but rather became part of the headband.  It looks great and helps preserve the life of the boom while storing the headset.  The mic itself works well.  The sound is clear and crisp and functions exactly as you would hope it would.  The headset has a built in noise cancelling feature which cuts down on background noise so your teammates can hear you clearly without you having to worry about your environment being silent.  Granted for this feature to work optimally, the noise has to be quieter than your voice otherwise louder noises will still pick up.  As long as you are speaking into the mic you shouldn’t experience situations where you can’t be heard by your teammates loud and clear.

Other features of this headset include the inline volume and mic control and a sturdy cable braiding.  The inline volume control allows gamers to quickly change the volume of the sound coming out of their headset without having to change the volume on the computer speakers.  This is a nice feature especially when you are first starting a game or when you have adjusted to the initial volume in the headset and you want to make it louder.  The inline volume box also has a mute switch for the mic which is also a great feature.  You don’t have to fold up the boom or cover the mic to make sure whatever you are saying doesn’t come through when you don’t want it to.  You can simply flip the switch and your team won’t hear what’s going on over on your side of the game.   Another feature of this headset is the heavy cable braiding.  The cables on this headset are really great and are heavily braided which give the cables weight and deter them from tangling.  It has a nice feel to them and though it doesn’t contribute to the function of these headphones, it was a nice feature.

Finally it is worth noting that this headset is extremely comfortable on your head.  The ear pads and headband have a thick layer of a mesh covered foam and sit snugly and comfortably over the ear.  I spent a few hours gaming with this headset and it still felt great and didn’t get too hot over my ears like some other sets tend to do.  The set is rather large in size but adjusted well to both large and small heads.  I believe you will have a hard time finding a set that is more comfortable than this one.

Overall, the Plantronics Gamecom 777 is a great set of headphones.  Especially when you factor in cost, this set is a bargain.  PC gaming or just gaming in general is always better with right the audio equipment and getting this headset will put you on the path to having your games sound the way you always wanted them to.  With lots of great features and an excellent price point, I highly recommend this headset for PC gamers who are looking for a solid headset.

Sound: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 
Features: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 
Value: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Ease ★★★★★★★★★★ 
Overall: ★★★★¼ 

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