MOGA game controllers
This past weekend at PAX East we got our grubby mits on the Mobile Gaming Controller for Android Smartphones, otherwise known as MOGA. I am sure just about everyone reading this article has tried to play some mobile games on their phones and curse heaven and earth because of the atrociousness that is touch screen controls.

Well have no fear, the MOGA is here. The MOGA easily synchs up to your Android phone (version 2.3 and up) via Bluetooth allowing you to be free from those accursed touch screen controls. One of the best things about it is that your phone does not need to be rooted, so everyone is able to use it right out of the box.

We got our hands on the currently available MOGA as well as the upcoming MOGA Pro Controller. The Pro Controller definitely has my vote as the superior version and if you can wait just a few more weeks, you can purchase it. Both controllers retail for $49.99, but take it from me, pick up the Pro Controller. Check out our interview with JJ Richards at PAX along with some hand’s on video of exactly what it can do. Mobile gaming will never be the same.

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