Guild Wars 2 has been out since August 2012, and the game will finally be getting its first expansion.  Publisher NCsoft and developer ArenaNet have announced that this expansion will be titled Heart Of Thorns.

Heart Of Thorns will eschew MMORPG expansion tradition in a few ways, most notably by way of no raised level cap.  Instead, Eurogamer reports, something called the Mastery system will be implemented.

Vaguely enough, ArenaNet says the Mastery system is “new training opportunities for your max level character with a system focused on evolving the core philosophy that the journey should be the goal in the game.”

New areas include the Maguuma Jungle, where players will square off against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.  There’s going to be hang-gliding and tons of new monsters to kill with your buddies.

Heart Of Thorns will also launch with a new player profession: the revenant.  She’s heavily armored and wields the powers of the Mists against her foes.

On the PvP end of things, there’s the Stronghold mode which focuses on guild versus guild in tense siege gameplay.  This coincides with the new Guild Hall system, where guilds can build themselves a fortress in the jungle.

Finally, the World vs. World offerings include a new Borderland map.  This comes in addition to new profession specializations, which allow players to further customize their characters beyond the original profession boundaries.

There’s no release date yet, but expect more details in the coming weeks.  Until then, check out the sweet announce trailer:

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