Phil Fish, the creator of Fez, has always found himself at the forefront of controversy. First, he cancelled Fez 2 and now this.

Phil Fish was defending an outspoken supporter of Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn. As punishment, hackers exposed his passwords, financial records, social security info, and other sensitive details. This led Phil Fish to take to social media and sell his company. Phil posted this before deleting his personal account:

“this is videogames. this is what i get. this is unacceptable. this is not okay. terrorist. never again, you hear me? never again. this is videogames. this is your audience. to every aspiring game developer out there: don’t. give up. it’s not worth it. nothing is worth this. give up on your dreams. they are actually nightmares. just don’t do it. RUN AWAY”

There is no word yet who plans to purchase the series.

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