Here we go again- the recent non-Mass Effect ending fiasco in gaming news!

Escapist Magazine’s MovieBob praised previous hired director David O. Russell as being an Academy Award nominated director. In his Fighter review, he praised O. Russell as a Man who understands culture. In 1999, Roger Ebert praised his direction of Three Kings, even possibly nominating it for an Academy Award. Three Kings director O. Russell can obviously do action scenes. With those reasons I think that Steven Spielberg should be the director of Uncharted. If you want the shorter version of the explanation,


Steven Spielberg is one of the most influential filmmakers of this generation. Starting as one of the movie brats of New Hollywood, he began blockbusters with Jaws as well as creating an unknown action adventure film trilogy known as Indiana Jones as well as better w

ell known trilogies such as Jurassic Park.
His net gross for his films, television series, as well as video game is $3.0 billion.
He’s also one of the most critically acclaimed directors of the 90s.

I have recently re-explored his films with Last Crusade, E.T. and Hook, films where Spielberg deals with the family. Although, they might not be that of an Ingmar Bergman film, they can definitely provide a great compromise between what Three Kings director David O. Russell and franchise fans.
It’s a conservative move. However, this is an entertainment genre, not high art. No one is looking for it to win the Palme D’or. They just want a fun blockbuster. Spielberg is a master of the B-movie, much like Tarantino and Rodriguez are with grindhouse. He knows how to cast. He knows how to make the best of his actors.

After the groans from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Spielberg owes a good action adventure film to fans. If he really wanted to, he could add the action and adventure of Indiana Jones, with the grit of Saving Private Ryan.

Plus, it would make a ton of money.


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