We here at New Gamer Nation attempt to cover all games across all platforms. Admittedly we have been a little light on the reviews from the Windows Phone 7 phone platform. That is about to change. Our first post on this platform will focus the Top 5 worst games to download.  This post will help all the early adopters of this platform to stay clear of the worst games on the market.


5. Penguin – By far the best game on this sad list.  You play as a penguin who is attempting to gain air time.  If you did not know, penguins are not supposed to fly.  The penguin will belly slide down the side of a hill.  Hold the lower left of the screen until the penguin reaches the peak of the hill.  When back at the peak let go of the button and watch your penguin soar.  But be sure to time the descent correctly right so the penguin can land on the next peak and take off again.  The timing is difficult to grasp and the game is a bore.

4. 1 Million Punches – The goal of this game was to punch the main title’s character AJ 1 million times.  Upon the game loading players will be met with a video loop of AJ, marching in place in front of his bedroom door.  Simply tap on either AJ’s face or man region and the boxing glove will land a haymaker to the area of choice.  Upon connection AJ will keel over is some pain.  This game will make you chuckle once or twice.  AJ has already logged over 5 million punches.  If you add more than 30, I will be surprised.

3. Memory X – Have you ever played a game of memory like the type enjoyed in Super Mario 3?  I have not and you won’t after playing this game.  Cards of scantily clad women are placed face up while players attempt to remember where they were placed.  The better your memory, the more cards are placed for you to gaze at.  While I appreciate the attempt to spice up a simple game of memory, it’s still a game of memory.

2. Tap the Birds – A blue bird or a red bird will pop up on the screen.  Tap the bird before it flies away or it will take away some of your health.  That’s about it. While some reaction games can be fun.  This games lands at number 2 of the 5 worst games for Windows Phone 7.

1. Toilet Paper ­- The object of this game to unravel a roll of toilet paper as quickly as possible.  It is like running on a gaming treadmill.  Games that are more work than fun aren’t welcome here. It’s terrible and officially the worst game available to download on the Windows Phone 7 market place.

The Windows 7 phone market place does have some solid gaming options out there.  However, be sure to avoid these five and keep a look out to see which games are worthy of a download.

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