Rumor has spread that Nintendo will be releasing a new console at E3 this year.  Sure the Wii was a great success but we want to see more from this new console and this is what we want to see.


5. Ability to use the console as a media device – Today’s consoles are more than just gaming machines.  People use their consoles to watch, rent and store movies, listen to music and even video chat.  It was the DVD Drive for the PS2 and the Bluray Drive for the PS3 that helped push Sony to the front.  The Wii was not able to do anything but game and that is a big mistake.  I need the new console to do more than game, I need it to pull its weight among the PS3 and the Xbox 360.


4. Achievements – I know, a lot of people don’t care about achievements but most gamers do is some form or another.  Even software companies like EA have introduced achievements into their communities so it is long overdue for Nintendo.  As long as there is some system of keeping track of progress in a way that everyone can see that should definitely scratch this itch.


3. Online Capabilities – Nintendo has traditionally been lacking in the online department while Sony and Microsoft made the internet the heart and soul of their consoles.  Even Steam manages to bring PC gamers together in a meaningful way so Nintendo has no excuse.  If Nintendo wants to catch up and get their core fans back they need to create a robust online community with a friends list, marketplace and entertainment hub all in the same place.  No offense Nintendo but the friend code thing doesn’t work at all.


2. Traditional Controller Support – I don’t expect Nintendo to abandon the audience they gained with the Wii and neither should you.  I do want to see the ability to play with a handheld controller on top of the ability to use motion controls especially on first party titles.  There is nothing wrong with motion controls and there is certainly room in the market to do so but when I am forced to waggle a controller around, it ruins it for me.


1.  HD Support – This is almost a given at this stage of the game but it is really important.  If you want to connect with the core gamers you have to have the latest technology but most of all you have to have cutting edge graphics.  I know they would reach their core gamer roots with an HD version of Mario or Legend of Zelda and I think thats where Nintendo wants to go too.  The better a game looks, the more gamers it will attract because gamers want to be immersed in a game and nothing contributes more to than then graphics.

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  • tim

    Wouldn’t mind seeing 3D support!!

  • Jose

    I agree wholeheartedly with the next generation Nintendo console NEEDING HD. I just don’t see them using traditional controllers, because they’re making more money off of motion just based on the casual audience.

    • Pilot

      I agree that they probably won’t use traditional controllers as the main controller but a guy can dream can’t he? Even if they can’t go back to regular controllers at least having the ability to use either a wii controller or a classic variety would make me happy.

      • Jose

        Maybe…Nobody really knows what Nintendo’s going to hit us with on this new console thing until their press conference at E3, it’s going to be interesting though.