Alas the New Year has arrived and with a brand new year comes another list of new games coming to a shelf near you.  We all have our favorites but you may wonder what are the most anticipated games of 2012.  Well wonder no more because New Gamer Nation and the famous Top 5 are here to take you through some of the great games in store for us this year.

5. Bioshock Infinite – Few games have given us an environment like Rapture before and even fewer have done it since.  Let’s face it, we all love Bioshock for one reason or another and now they are expanding the world to the skies.  From demos to screen shots, this game looks amazing and since Irrational Games is known for their proficiency in creating captivating environments and unforgettable characters, I doubt this title can do anything but blow our minds.  You don’t have to take my word for it, you’ll see how long it stays on the top of the charts for.

4. Mass Effect 3 – Though this title doesn’t seem to stray too far from the mold of Mass Effect 2, few can argue that just continuing the story would be enough to make this a game of the year.  Who can resist playing as the Commander Shepard we all know and love and kicking some major alien butt?  I don’t think many can and that is why it has a top spot for our Top 5 List.

3. Twisted Metal / Halo 4 – Ok so we had a bit of a problem on our hands.  We have a Playstation favorite and an Xbox favorite neck and neck and we just couldn’t decide between the two so they got to share the honor.  On one hand we have the car combat classic, Twisted Metal.  Now with its debut on the next generation consoles, we can expect more mayhem than ever.  Then we have the long awaited return of Master Chief and he looks just as awesome as when he left.  It is going to feel great going back to the character we fell in love with.  So as you can see both games have a lot of potential and so we are happy to present our first ever, tie.

2. GTA V – Just when you thought you’d never see the sequel, the announcement comes out of no where and makes us look forward to 2012 more than ever.  Little is known about what this game is going to do for the series but we do know that if there is one game company out there that has the track record to make this one of the best games of 2012, it’s Rockstar.  The fans have spoke with millions of dollars in sales for the franchise, you can rest assured this is going to be one for the ages.

1. Diablo 3 – Almost a decade has passed and one of the greatest hack and slash RPG’s is finally getting a sequel and it looks amazing.  If you don’t have a PC ready to run this, you need to start saving your pennies.  There is a reason why Blizzard is one of the top if not “the” top software manufacturer in the business today.  If you just look at Starcraft 2 and the community that immediately surrounded the title you will know that this game is going to be massive and I would bet that this game is going to challenge Call of Duty for the quickest selling title out there.  Look out video gaming world, this behemoth is coming for you soon.


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