Let’s face it people, love it or hate it DLC is around for good.  Companies make too much money not to plan for it and offer it up for its games.  Now for those that listen to the podcast, you will know that we don’t love the DLC model here at NGN but I am willing to go over some of the DLC out there that is actually worth your money.  So on that note, let’s begin.

5. Mass Effect 2 DLC – Mass Effect 2 was one of the best RPG’s to come out last year but what made this DLC special was how well it integrated into the game.  Many times new players would not know when they were playing DLC or disc missions.  Most times DLC has to be engaged separately from the main campaign and sometimes that is a plus but I much prefer the DLC to be a seamless integration into the game it is expanding upon and I think the ME2 DLC did exactly that.

4.  Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam – Few can deny that BFBC2 is one of the top games of last year and it still has a very healthy online community that continues strong today.  Then EA came along and added an excellent expansion of the Bad Company 2 landscape which brought players back into the Vietnam War era.  Brand new, 70’s era guns, tanks and maps were all part of this very large expansion that made a great game even better.  Unfortunately it didn’t add enough variety to make you forget you were playing Bad Company 2 but for the money it was a worthy addition.

3. L.A. Noire Case Files – LA Noire was a great game and it really set itself up for DLC the way the game way laid out.  It was especially nice that the DLC fit well into the story and extended your experience with the game which is always a good thing when you have a great game to start with.  Every desk got a piece of DLC and I think it worked well overall no matter which partner you liked the best.  Thumbs up.

2. Fallout 3 / Fallout: New Vegas DLC – It is hard to narrow down exactly which DLC pack is worth playing over the others since the Fallout DLC in general is usually excellent.  For those unfamiliar, every DLC pack is a smaller version of the game in an entirely new setting.  Whether you are running around a spaceship killing aliens in Mothership Zeta or running around the Alaskan mountains taking on Chinese soldiers in Operation Anchorage each piece of DLC is an experience in and of itself.  I would definitely suggest any Fallout fan to get that DLC and give it a shot.  Chances are good that you’ll agree, its excellent.

1. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmares – It’s only fitting that one of the biggest games to come out in the past few years have some of the best DLC out there.  Also when you consider that Rockstar is excellent when it comes to releasing games that people want to play and including DLC that makes an already great game even better.  Undead Nightmares was not meant to be part of the RDR canon but it brought your favorite hero from the RDR game and put him against zombies, combine that with an excellent and fun story line and solid game play and you have some DLC you shouldn’t miss.


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