Nintendo 64 can go down as one of the greatest and most beloved systems of all time.  I, like many of the readers here, spent countless hours playing with this wonderful cartridge system.  Below are my Top 5 games of all time for that system.

5. Rush 2 Extreme Racing USA This game was the “it” racing game for the system.  There were 22 different cars to choose from and customize.  Players were able to change the paint, designs and the players were even able to enhance the performance under the hood.  Players were able to take those customize cars and race them through the streets of a few different US cities.  Additionally, players were able to compete head-to-head on the STUNT track or in a game of tag.  This game was ahead of its time and was a precursor for some of the best racing games today.

4. Mario Tennis – When Mario is not out saving the princess he spends his free time playing all types of sports.  Mario Tennis 64 brought together the whole gang for a game of tennis.  Players were able to choose their favorite character in the Mario Universe. From there it is up to them to take on all challengers and win a tennis major championship.  You can play on a hard court, grass, and clay and even compete in special mini games.  The best part of the game was the ability to play with up to four players.  I remember winning and losing money in countless Mario Tennis tournaments.

3.  Pilot Wings 64 – This was a follow up to the SNES hit Pilot Wings.  This 3D flight simulator had players attempting to complete a variety of missions.   Players would wear jet packs, or hop into planes, gyro-copters and gliders to complete the desired missions.   I always remember how detailed the landscapes were.  Players could glide past the Statue of Liberty and the Hollywood sign.  The game play was fun and unique and was an important part of Nintendo’s lineup at the time.

2. WCW vs. NWO Revenge – Here you can play as all your favorite wrestlers.  Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, Sting or in my case Disco Inferno.  Yes Disco was my favorite. This was a standard wrestling title where players would compete in Pay-Per-View venues or in the classic Monday Night Nitro arena.  All the great wrestling moves were included, even finishing moves were meticulously recreated for this game.  Oh the countless matches won and lost to my brother, who played as Goldberg.  Disco never had a chance.

1. Goldeneye – The best James Bond game ever made by a long shot. This game was recently re-released for the latest consoles including the Wii and the Playstation 3, but fans never really caught on with all the omissions and changes made.  This game has a single player campaign mode and a multiplayer mode which made this title famous.  Four players could take their frustration out with rocket launchers, proximity mines and the classic golden gun.  Before there was Call of Duty there was Goldeneye.

The Nintendo 64 could be the greatest platform of all time, so I know I missed a few games but these were the pillars of my teenage years.  What games did you enjoy on the Nintendo 64? Sound off below!

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  • Dan Twin

    Disappointing to see WCW vs NWO: Revenge instead of WWF No Mercy!

    I was a huge fan of Perfect Dark 64, and honorable mentions for time i put into Diddy Kong Racing and Smash Bros.

  • As a wrestling fan, I’m glad a wrestling game made it….But Disco Inferno?

  • PCS

    @Dan, wwf games stunk. Smash bros of course was an honorable mention. So many good n64 games.

    @Jose, was a huge wcw fan. never really got into the wwe but disco was so good at the game. my fav wcw wrestler was DDP