When it comes to PC gaming, nothing is as important as a keyboard. Whether you’re playing a first person shooter, real time strategy or a massive multiplayer game online, you need to be comfortable. I am a keyboard geek myself, so I have no problem breaking the bank and getting the keyboard that’s right for me. There are so many types of keyboards to choose from, so to make it easier on you guys, here is my Top 5 Gaming Keyboards.

5. SteelSeries 7G – This Keyboard is another great mechanical board and if you are a fan of the wrist rest then this is the board for you and you can find it any electronic store unlike the Ducky and Das boards which you can only find online.

4. Microsoft Sidewinder X4 – Microsoft SideWinder X4 keyboard is the most reasonably priced boards on this list, which can be found at your local electronics store for about $50 bucks. The X4 comes with basic Backlit keys handy for those late night gaming marathons, programmable keys and anti-ghosting capability and just a great all around good keyboard to have.

3. Das Keyboard: Das Keyboards popular amongst RTS gamers for its simple design and additional USB side ports, as well as being another mechanical board. One other great factor is the “Silent Mode” which is perfect for the late night gamer.

2. Ducky DK-1087 – Ducky is a relatively unknown Taiwanese company that makes the DK-1087 mechanical keyboard; popular with many Korean StarCraft players and my personal favorite. When it comes to gaming keyboards it’s all about mechanical boards. Ducky also offers custom colored keys that allow for customization.

1. Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510 – Logitech is one of biggest names in the peripherals, and the successor to the G15 is the G510. The G510 comes with Integrated USB Audio, headphone and mic jacks, 18 programmable keys and of course an LCD screen on the keyboard so you can access in-game stats and much much more.

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