Some game franchises simply live for too long. This does not mean that they are necessarily bad, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Also, I am not saying that all five of these franchises should die out RIGHT NOW, but that they should reach their demise before they become a shell of what they once were (if they haven’t already). Plenty of games could have made this list, and I’m sure that games you want to get rid of won’t be here. There may also be games listed here that you don’t want to ever see go away. Below are five franchises that I actually enjoy (mostly), but believe need to leave.

5. Gears of War: The original game was the very first game that I bought for my 360, so I can get quite nostalgic when discussing this series. I think that each game improved upon its predecessor, especially when it came to multiplayer, and the diversity of game modes. However, to me, three games was enough, but there’s already a fourth on the way (the prequel, Gears of War: Judgment, releases in March 2013). I feel as though I have gotten as much out of the Gears world and characters as I can, and the locust no longer serve as the terrifying foes that they once were. Epic is a great company, and it’s time for them to dedicate themselves to new IPs (like Fortnite) and put Gears of War to rest.

4. Halo: Halo is essentially on here for the same reasons as Gears, but it has been around longer, and there are already at least three more games on the way. Unlike Gears, Halo has already gotten in its prequel and is still plowing right along. With Halo 4‘s release this November, 343 and Microsoft are marking the beginning of yet another trilogy, and they might takes things further. I admit that there are a lot of new things that Halo 4 brings to the franchise that will likely be awesome, but this release feels forced to me. Similar to Gears of War, the Covenant are not cutting it for me as an enemy, not after five games (excluding Halo Wars). That is why a new enemy is showing up in Halo 4: the Prometheans. Unfortunately for me (and likely other gamers), the birth of the Prometheans does not appear to have been particularly creative. Unlike the aforementioned Covenant, the Prometheans and their weapons are all the same color palate, which is quite boring. This seems to be a case of Microsoft following the “the last game made is the first to lose money” mentality.

3. Assassin’s Creed: ACII was amazing; it was everything that the first game was advertised to be, and much more. Brotherhood felt like an extension of that, while Revelations left players with more questions than answers (despite it’s name). ACIII looks like it will take the series in a new direction, however. Compelling naval gameplay, parkouring through forests, hunting bears, roughing the elements; this game looks like ACII, plus Skyrim without the dragons. Having said all of that, Assassin’s Creed has its problems. Mainly, that since the hugely successful ACII, at least one game as been produced every single year, including a DS game that is little more than a poorly structured platformer that fails to live up to its name. However, thanks to the timeline, only so many of these games can be made. Since a modern day story line (that I could do without) ties into all of these adventures in the past, it would be hard for Ubisoft to justify moving backward in time. That means that the only place to go is forward. I don’t think that a hidden blade wielding assassin would have a place in WWII, Vietnam, or even today. Should the franchise make it to these periods, either the games will be terrible, or Ubisoft will have to fully immerse the gameplay mechanics into those periods and the game will no longer feel like an AC game. We shall see what happens.

2. Call of Duty: This game could have made it to the top of the list, but my (naive?) hopes that Black Ops 2 could turn things around kept that from happening (I’ve already pre-ordered it). Call of Duty used to produce great games, not just entertaining multiplayer. With the first four games, I genuinely wanted to play, and even replay, the campaigns. CoD 4 proved to be one of the best games of this generation. Unfortunately, it also paved to way for unnecessarily over-the-top, linear campaigns and progressively uncreative multiplayer. Even as the games get worse (Modern Warfare 3), sales continue to rise. Black Ops 2 does appear to be shaking things up with multiplayer quite a bit, but we have yet to see if these changes are good or not. In addition to the classic zombie modes, there will also be a zombie campaign this time around. Treyarch is trying to do a better job of getting new players to partake in online multiplayer without getting slaughtered right out of the gate. Despite all of that, this franchise still has three big problems. The greatest is probably the fact that a new game ships every November. The other two issues are that multiple different developers take turns making the games (and aren’t always on the same page) and that, like AC, CoD is running out of places to go. America’s past is now in CoD’s past, too. A Modern Warfare: 4 would just be ridiculous, and if they venture too far into the future, suddenly CoD becomes a sci-fi game (i.e. Halo). If gamers unite, changes can be made.

1. Final Fantasy: This franchise is the longest running one on the list, and that used to be a good thing. Unfortunately, after years, decades even, of success, FF has produced several commercial flops in a row. Instead of fixing their design mistakes, those same mistakes seem to be getting worse. The last FF game that was both commercially and critically acclaimed was Final Fantasy X, which came out back in 2001 on the PS2. They say that you should quit when you’re ahead. I think that it is time for Square Enix to quit, now that they have been left far, far behind, panting, and praying that the finish line will be within sight soon.



Sports fans never like to see a beloved player leave their sport, but what hurts them even more is seeing that same player stay in the game, useless, injured, and sitting on the bench. This is no different.

  • Nconnors13

    This is a good article and you raise some nice points.  I completely agree when games stop being original they kind of lose flavor to me. That being said, I don’t see any of these series dying off any time soon.  I don’t know much about Gears or Halo so I can’t really comment on them.  All I can say is, I know they created huge universes and there’s always something to use out of them. 

    As for AC, this isn’t the type of game that can last forever,  since an inevitable conclusion has to be reached.  Because of that, they are milking it for everything they can by making bad in-between games like Brotherhood and Revelations.  (I hated them personally)  With the third title finally coming, they are moving forward again.  Still, I fear they are going to make a couple ACIII spin-offs as well.  And we all know the modern day Desmond game is coming, I’m as fearful as you on that one, it will be a hard one to pull off.Call of Duty isn’t going anywhere.  If people don’t want Modern Warfare and Black-ops, they’ll just make a WWII game.  That is what they originally started with and it would be interesting since there hasn’t been one for four years.  If one year they make a WWII game, that would be enough of a break before going back to Modern Warfare. They just loop back and forth, people will always buy the next update.  (Looks at iPhones people buy them every new update).  Who knows, maybe they’ll make an entire game all about Zombies. 

    Many people believe Final Fantasy is going downhill but saying that, those ‘bad’ games are still market success.  Until Final Fantasy hurts Square Enix’s wallet, they will never stop. It’s also difficult to make JRPG’s in today’s world and now they’re competing against the ever growing WRPG.  But i have to admit, I like how Square Enix at least tries to change things. FFX was vastly different from FFXII and FFXIII is vastly different from both of them.  When FFXIII was taken badly, FFXIII-2 was made listening to those complaints, (for better or worse) but i respect the attempt.  The next title, FFXIII Lightning Return, is going to be even more different.  So, even if those changes aren’t for the best, I respect some effort being put in.  (Unlike COD and AC which is literally the same game over and over) 

    Good article, I agree with you in many points, I just wanted to throw in my input. 

  • If only people stopped giving them money to make these games. Call of Duty is one of the highest grossing video games ever made.
    I liked the WWII Call of Duties. They had this Apocalypse Now feeling to them.
    I have upcoming articles eventually covering these topics.
    Anybody else want Square-Enix to buy Atlus or some other RPG company? I think they have a future outside of Final Fantasy.

  • Stephyb321

    I love your writing. And i sort of agree………Judgment is an attempt to keep the ball rolling, we’re just not sure where…..But what REALLY keeps the veterans coming back is that no other game has gameplay like this, no other game attaches a chainsaw to your wonderfully accurate & powerful rifle and tells you to go tear shit up!! Gears is so brutal, you can be so creative! Opportunities everywhere, oh the possibilities! Should I pick up this guy whose down-but-not-out, grenade tag him and launch him towards that guy over there shooting at me for the double? Um, HELLZ YES 🙂 *body parts and blood everywhere* Increasingly satisfying. 

    • pilotpsk


  • Assassin’s Creed can easily be reinvented by changing the modern-day character to someone else of a different heritage, which could explain a jump back in time, as well as different play-styles. Considering the game lore, there is a ton of history to be explored, in different continents and cultures. I’d hate for the series to die before we can experience more.

    • pilotpsk