Finally the last of the big 3 console developers press conference arrives and of course we had something to say about it so read on and let us know if you agreed or not.

Zelda News (25th Anniversary)
Pilot’s Impressions – I think its cool that they are releasing the last Zelda game for the Wii but I think it would have been even better to release this game on the new console.  It’s old tech running on an old machine.  I liked the free gift of the 4 swords even though I don’t think it was a great game.   Sound tracks and concerts are nice but nothing that got me overly excited.

3DS Line ups for the remainder of the year
Pilot’s Impressions –
I think it will help the 3DS to get some more games considering how weak the initial line up was.  Sure Mario Kart 3DS, Starfox 64 3DS, Super Mario 3DS, Kid Icarius Uprising and Luigi’s Mansion 2 sounds cool but it isn’t enough to sell me on the system.  I want to see better 3rd party support for the device and it just isn’t there.

Pokedex 3DS for free
Pilot’s Impressions – I am all about free stuff and I like that they are giving this away for free.  It isn’t much but its something and you gotta take what you can get.  Pokemon fans will eat this up.

Annoucement of the WiiU
Pilot’s Impressions –
The rest of the conference was dedicated to the announcement of the new console called the WiiU.  It is a handheld console which supported HD graphics and has interesting ways of controlling games.  For me this was a major disappointment.  I think this is going to severely limit the ability of people to play together and surely this console they showed its going to be massively expensive.  You can use all of the Wii’s controllers, games and accessories along with the WiiU but it is no substitute of having the WiiU in your hands.  Good luck explaining that one to your kids.  I think this is really going to hurt Nintendo especially since this doesn’t speak to the casual audience they just captured.  Sorry Nintendo, I hate it.  I know lots of developers like it but I still hate it.  I don’t care is Darksiders 2, Lego City Stories, Dirt, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Metro Last Light, Ghost Recon Online, Tekken and Ninja Gaiden 3 is coming to the system, I’ll get it on the other consoles.


Pilot’s Final Thoughts
Overall I felt Nintendo had a poor conference in general.  There were very few titles to talk about and a piece of hardware that isn’t really capturing it’s intended audience.  I see this attempt to bridge the gap between hardcore gamers and casual gamers as a mistake.  No titles with a misguided piece of hardware is just a major disappointment for me.  I really wanted to connect with Nintendo again and have a console that could go up against the PS3 and Xbox360 but instead we got a creature that lives in both the casual world and hardcore world without belonging in either.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

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  • Miles

    Really liked your ‘final thoughts’ Pilot. I’ve always struggled with Nintendo in the sense that I loved my original NES but once I got into PC’s, I was just never drawn back in by Nintendo. Of course, I am guilty of enjoying Mario Kart from time to time :P

    • Pilot

      I’m glad you enjoyed. I was the same way in that I used to be attached to the hip with my NES and then I just moved to the PC and never looked back. I really wanted this to be awesome and so far I am pretty disappointed.