Infamous 2 will be released on June 7th. That’s right around the corner! With all the anticipation and hype surrounding the sequel we rated the top 5 features we’re looking forward to in the sequel.

5. Graphics – Based on the trailers the graphics look amazing. Environments are colorful and detailed, and the enemies are huge! In particular the behemoth looks epic. It’s as tall as some buildings. The battle looks action packed with very little slow down. Also, the new powers are both deadly and beautifully animated. Speaking of powers…

4. New Powers – New game, new powers. Confirmed powers in Infamous 2 include the ability to freeze enemies, summon a tornado, and an increased focus on Melee attacks. Some of the Melees look pretty painful. In particular, knocking an enemy up in the air then swinging a lead pipe right into the enemy’s back. Ouch. Additionally, powers such as rockets will allow you to configure speed and strength making the rockets more adaptable to your current situation.

3. New City / New levels – One new stage that has been confirmed is Flood town. As you’ve probably guessed it’s a town flooded by water. As opposed to Empire City, Flood town is more flat, and thus plays differently. Features that have been confirmed in Flood town include break away bridges and water everywhere. I expect it will be pretty easy to electrocute enemies. I really can’t say enough about interactive game environments. They add spontaneity and excitement to games. Additionally, no two gaming experiences will be identical.

2. New Side Missions – Two confirmed missions for Infamous 2 are “Hearts and Lions” and “Fooling the Rebels”. At one point in Infamous 2 you’ll have to convince a group of rebels to help you. You can either escort an ambulance full of medical supplies to the rebels (Hearts and Lions) or infiltrate their base, take control of a turret and fire upon them (Fooling the Rebels). I’m excited to what sort of missions Sucker Punch will come up with this time. Additionally, you’ll have to play through the game two separate times to play each mission. I’ll definitely be playing through Infamous 2 multiple times.

1. User generated missions – This is the big one for me. Users will be given a level creator tool and then be able to create their own missions and share them online. The possibilities are endless! I’m pretty excited to see what people will come up with.

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Jon Chaplin is a Co-founder of New Gamer Nation. He's a fun loving guy who loves to try new things, especially video games.

  • Jose

    Personally I’m looking forward to the extra stuff I’m getting from the Hero Edition like the replica bag and the Cole statue just to name that.

  • Slacker

    The Hero edition should definitely be cool. The Cole statue is a nice touch. It seems like you’re really into the collectible aspect of the game. Do you have any thoughts on Infamous #1 being included in the Hero Edition? The collectibles are cool, but I’m more exctied about the in game content myself.

    • Jose

      I don’t mind if the first one is included in the package, only because I just traded in the disc today and downloaded the free version from the “welcome back” PSN deal. Everything else though is nice. The bag i was surprised was a full size bag not just a small replica.

  • Very cool re: the level editor – I hope that the method of distributing the user-created levels is up to snuff. This is a very cool feature, but in some games, not enough thought is put into ‘how’ people will share their levels and with ‘whom’. I don’t want to be limited to people just on my PS friends list.

    Great summary! I think I’ll go grab the demo.

  • Jose

    I played the Demo yesterday, and it’s pretty fun. The only problem I had with it is that when you switch hands, your target is still centered. In the first one, if you switched hands that helped a little in hiding and shooting. Maybe they change it maybe they don’t, either way everything looks very good, and from the demo I played, I think I’m glad I pre-ordered this game

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