Ex-Sony Developer Ben Cousins contributed a list of the following reasons why hardcore gaming will go PC:

  1. a. Consoles are always sold at a loss.
    b. It is complicated by the fact that consoles are sold after a drastic price cut.
    c. Most consumers are not looking for the most advanced hardware for a game.
  2. a. 18 months ago, 50% of console gamers also owned a smart phone; that number was also growing fast.
    b. He assumes that the following from 1C had their most advanced technology from their smart phone and that the games they were playing were more cost efficient on smart phone.
  3. He is working for a mobile publisher and is targeting the people in 1C.

He sees two main markets:

  1. The mainstream smartphone crowd.
  2. The hardcore PC crowd, using free-to-play, indie, possibly steam distributed support with controller and TV support as well.

There is some debate over a certain bias as he did work for console before moving to mobile. Also, there has been a lot of rumor about the dying out of the PC as well.

I guess only in the future we will see who is right.

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