New Gamer Nation got to speak with marketing director and designer Philip Asher about Dungeon Defenders II at this years New York Comic Con!  Dungeon Defenders II is a first person tower defense game that packs a punch.  It blends in a unique amount of strategy, action and teamwork to make one of the funner, and more challenging, first person tower defense games we’ve played in a while.

Dungeon Defenders II has four different classes that each bring their own unique abilities to the table. The classes seem to have some really good synergy which allows you to pull off a plethora of unique combos.  The game has divided its resources between what’s used to cast abilities and what’s used to place your defenses.  This split gives you the chance to focus a little less on resource management and focus a bit more on the task at hand… fun!   Which it looks like you’ll have no shortage of.

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