devil may cry vergil

Capcom’s latest reboot of Devil May Cry has been getting fairly high praise since its release and with upcoming DLC in sight, it will likely continue to do so. Capcom has confirmed today that the release of Vergil’s Downfall will be making its way to PSN, Xbox Live, and PC on March 5, 2013. Vergil’s Downfall will give players the chance to play as Vergil with hours of new gameplay, four difficulty levels, an all new storyline, new weapons, combos, enemies, and locations. You can pick up this DLC in one of two ways. You can either drop 720 MS Points ($8.99 for PSN/PC) or if you pre-ordered the game simply put in the download code that came with your copy.

In addition though Bloody Palace Mode is making its way back to the DMC series today and most importantly, free of charge! The free update will be available after you complete the main campaign and will give you access to over 100 bonus levels of demons and enemies as well as five bosses.

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