Defense Grid The Awakening Pc Game

The first free game this month for Microsoft’s “Games With Gold” promotion is Defense Grid: The Awakening.  The game will be free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers till July 15th, which is pretty sweet considering it’s normally 800 MSP.

“Games With Gold” was announced at this years E3 and revealed Xbox Live Gold subscribers would have access to two free games a month until the end of the year.  The games will change on the 1st and the 16th of each month.  The first free game was Fable 3, and now it’s Defense Grid: The Awakening.

Not a bad deal at all… who can argue free games?!?!?

via Major Nelson

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2 Responses

  1. DSTDen

    instead of downloading this piece of crap game for free I went over to my ps3 and bought final fantasy 9 for $9.99. That’s how much of a joke this “free” game is.

  2. GudAtGamz

    @916607a3f3ba1290254b92fba43eacd6:disqus – Defense Grid is actually a pretty fantastic game. If you’ve played it and you still think it’s “a piece of crap” then you just don’t like strategy games. But I suspect you haven’t even played the demo. DG was done by a tiny indie dev and is probably the finest tower defense game ever released – certainly my fav. Achieved a lot of great reviews and has a metacritic of 82. Not bad for an indie’s first release. It kills me that people trash free things.