A post on Electronic Art’s Career Opportunities page indicates Criterion is looking for artists for a new racing title. What the racing title is exactly remains unclear. Criterion’s last triple A title was Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and was among one of the more critically acclaimed and best selling titles of the franchise. Also Criterion recently worked on Burnout Crash! for X Box Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Burnout Crash was a very different take on the Burnout series.

In the post, Criterion is looking for a cut scene artist who “must be able to demonstrate action sequences that show momentum, energy and pace that match our AAA games”. So it’s a clue that this could be a AAA title, however, the post says the artist would need to animate “intense car action sequences, terrifying jumps, insane crashes and epic car chases”.

To me, the latter responsibility they listed tells me this could be the next installment of the Burnout franchise. So if you’re interested take a look at the post here, and tell us what you think. Do you think this is a Need for Speed title, the next Burnout game, or something different altogether?

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