In my opinion, the indie games shown at PAX East 2014 out-shined the bigger studios/publishers and at the top of the list of games that I am looking forward to the most, without a doubt, is BroForce. You play as 80’s and 90’s action heroes fighting the war on terror in a co-op action-packed patriotic shooter, which far and away blows away the actual Expendables video game series.

Honestly, the game is so fantastic that I am left speechless, so I will quote the awesome group of guys over at Press Play, “Brace your loins”. Do yourself a favor and pre-order BroForceBroForce is already Greenlit on Steam and they are hoping to get it ported over to the PS4 and PS Vita. Check out our interview with Evan Greenwood at PAX below and let us know what you think because I already know what I think.


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