Auto Club Revolution (ACR for short) is an online-based racing game that blends the precise nature of simulation-heavy racers with the over-the-top action of arcade-style racers to form a perfect blend that would satisfy any racing fan.  When you consider that you get a nicely blended racer for free with a small download to launch the game, you have a great deal. New Gamer Nation recently got the chance to sit down with Eutechnyx, thedevelopers of the game, and got an inside look at what makes this game something you need to play.


At first glace, there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on with ACR, but once you start going through the features and options, you quickly realize that there is a deep, complex racer just beneath the surface. Gamers have the ability to customize their favorite cars with just a few clicks, yet there is a depth here that lets you achieve the exact look and performance you’d expect from a top line racing game. Sure, you can just take a stock car on the road, but if you want to, you can bring your car to the shop and get under the hood. There is a whole section dedicated to tuning your car, allowing players to spend earned coin to increase the performance of their stock car. This gives you the edge you need to move further in the game. This system allows users to ease into the experience and just focus on what you want to do. Whether you just want to race or you want to play out your upgrade tree, the choice is yours.

The game also has an extensive challenge list that allows you the option to choose the races you want to race. If you want to race in the standard circuits, there is an extensive list of tracks and challenges geared to that track that will keep you busy for hours. There are also daily challenges that range from beating a time on a certain track to car challenges. These are updated all the time and give you a reason to come back every day and see what opportunities are available to you. You’ll always have an opportunity to get more experience and scratch that racing itch.


If you want to know more about the cars, you’ll be happy to know that ACR has deals with most major car manufacturers. Chances are you’ll see your favorite car in the game at some point or another. There are even super cars and foreign imports to appease even the pickiest of drivers. You can also take any of those cars into the shop to tune and decorate them to your hearts content.

The graphics in this game are excellent, and that is surprising considering this game is almost completely online. All of the cars and tracks are highly detailed and the races run smoothly at a high frame rate. This looks better than most PlayStation 2 games, and it even gives the PS3 a run for its money. It isn’t quite there, but it is pretty close. We were quite impressed with the performance, so we know that all you racing fans out there will be impressed too.


Finally, there is a robust multiplayer element to the game. Users can create auto clubs and have their friends join at any time. These auto clubs add even more challenges to the game since there are several auto club challenges that require participation among all of the clubs members. All your progress is recorded by your club, which will eventually benefit everyone in your club. Users in a certain club can also challenge other clubs to races, cranking up the fun factor even more.

As you can tell, Auto Club Revolution is a very robust racing game that caters to the hardcore racing crowd. There are tons of customization options, and they have the license to bring you the cars you’ve always wanted to drive. For a price tag of free, there is no reason why you should not get over to ACR and create an account. For more information about this game, or to get in on the action yourself, head over to


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