According to Edge Magazine, several anonymous developers have reported that the PS4 is “noticeably faster” than the Xbox One. The report states that memory reads on the PlayStation 4 are 40-50 percent faster than on the Xbox One. Microsoft is aware of the problem, but at this point it is almost too late to do much about it. Microsoft did up the processor from a 1.6 GHz processor to a 1.75 GHz in an effort to close the gap. However, there seems like there are still noticeable performance problems. However, the report mentioned that the Xbox One was faster in specific instances, but overall the PS4 was easier to work with and functioned better.

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  • Nconnors13

    Makes me even happier I’m getting the PS4 that’s for sure

  • 40-50% faster damn I thought ps4 will be faster but never thought it would have such a big difference

  • Scott Tailford

    This console ‘war’ is over before it’s even begun đŸ˜€