For those of you who are not aware, Steins;Gate is a visual novel about a group of misfit college students who live in modern day Akihabara, and spend their time building all sorts of crazy gadgets in an upstairs apartment referred to as “The Future Gadgets Lab”

According to RightStuf’s current listing, Steins;Gate will be shipping for (Windows PC) as early as February 28th, 2014. The game will be available as a physical, limited edition item with bonus items included, and also as a digital download, which should available within 24 hours of the release date.

Mad scientis Kyouin Hyouma" (aka Okabe Rintarou)

Steins;Gate offers one of the best, and most plausible time travel stories around

Steins;Gate was developed by Nitroplus and published by 5pb and JAST USA. The games plot centres around the self titled “Mad scientist Kyouin Hyouma” (aka Okabe Rintarou) and how he, and a group of misfit college students accidental build a time machine out of a microwave and cell phone.

After conducting a number of time travel experiments, the small group soon finds themselves the target of a large and shady organisation known as Sern, who wish to have total monopoly of time travel technology. The plot soon shifts from the light hearted group of college students haphazardly testing time travel theories, to that of a tense, sci-fi thriller, roller coaster of a ride, were even the power of time travel may not solve everything.

steins-gate group

Follow the team of The Future Gadgets Lab as they set of on a life altering, time travelling adventure.

While being a very niche title, Steins;Gate is highly praised for it’s plausibility and believable use of pseudoscience, the story employs actual bodies of research which lends to a very immersive experience. Couple this with likeable characters and a story that borders on a modern day masterpiece, and you’ve got yourself one of the best visual novels you’ll likely play in a long time.

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