Activision has just released a new trailer of Bungie’s latest project, Destiny. Activision and Bungie teamed with director Jon Favreau and actor Giancarlo Esposito to create this unique and exciting 60-second trailer. This trailer gives players a taste of Destiny’s action-packed adventures through a live-action and CG interpretation of the epic game universe.

Check it out and let us know what you think below.

Look for Destiny later this year on both current-gen and next-gen systems.

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  • RT @NewGamerNation: Activision Releases New Destiny Trailer – #gaming #videogames #games

  • @NewGamerNation @PS3Lover2012 it is an always online game so if you have spotty me you can’t play it

  • RT @NewGamerNation: Activision Releases New Destiny Trailer – #gaming #videogames #games

  • @siferdeis That’s a shame. I think my Internet could handle it, but I’m not getting the PS4 till I know how much games r going 2b 4 it.

  • @PS3Lover2012 then you will be ps4 lover 2013 right I’m probably going with ps4 next gen bc of new Xbox always on DRM bs

  • @PS3Lover2012 when I say spotty net it means none at all O well at this point I’d be happy to have electric in my room

  • @siferdeis Yeah the Xbox didn’t sound really impressive. I’m looking forward 2 seeing what the PS4 looks like! 😀

  • @siferdeis I’m sorry 2 hear that. 🙁

  • @PS3Lover2012 it was on Jimmy Fallon they played could have been jimmy Kimmel not sure act

  • @siferdeis O alright. Killzone looks really cool. The problem is all they revealed was the controller at the 1st conference. :/