The final episode in the Batman Telltale series is easily my favorite so far. While it doesn’t necessarily do anything extraordinary, I was happy with its ability to conclude the season strongly. I was not left hanging with a pointless cliffhanger, but still teased to a possible future.

I’ve given up on any of my past decisions actually mattering. The beginning of the episode does differ depending on how you ended Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham. It doesn’t last long however, and the game quickly gets you caught up to speed no matter your previous decision so you can continue on the one path Telltale wants you to walk.

I’ve made my peace with that and enjoyed this episode for what it was: a cinematic conclusion to a fairly entertaining season. The opening starts by immediately putting you into a big fight and the music flaring dramatically. The combat is enjoyable as it has been all season.

The stakes naturally are at their highest in the final episode, especially because Alfred’s life is put on the line. The one person who Batman truly has always relied on, as well as the character who is almost automatically liked by all fans, is put in danger. It kept my attention to its fullest as I rushed through the episode to reach the conclusion. We also finally get a little more insight into what is making the main villain tick. It’s a dark reasoning that deepened the already dark series so far.

There were a few decisions you make but the real focal point in this episode is the combat. I’ve said it many times already that playing as Bruce is always my favorite section in this series. Then you have to tiptoe the morally gray tightrope that balances you precariously between your decisions. Batman just punches stuff. This episode is mostly batman, but it still is highly entertaining with all the cinematic flares used to entice you.

There really isn’t much to say about this episode. If you’ve played the other four, you know exactly what to expect at this point. It’s my personal favorite episode only because the stakes are so high and the villain’s past comes to light. Things are wrapped up in dramatic fashion and you can close this chapter on Batman.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a telltale game without bugs and framerate issues. My favorite had to be the invisible person during one major fight scene. Invisible, except for their eyes and teeth. Fairly creepy in one sense, but overall just hilarious to watch it unfold. The game continued to stutter during key fighting moments, and once again, I find myself seriously questioning how these issues persist in every single Telltale Game I play?

When it comes to the entire season, I found it generally lacking in most areas. Entertaining, but nothing special. There are far better Telltale games out there, but I highly respect the way Telltale portrayed the Batman universe in a new light. So often it is forced into the same cookie-cutter recipe there is nothing new about it. Telltale shook that formula and gave us something new. I may not be putting this in my GOTY list for 2016, but I am glad I experienced it.

This review is based of a review copy of the Playstation 4 version of Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5: City of Light developed and distributed by Telltale Games. 

A Solid Conclusion | Batman : The Telltale Series Episode 5: City of Light Review
Overall Score7.5
  • Combat Cinematic as Ever
  • Insight into Villain's Past
  • Solid Conclusion to Current Arc
  • Lacks Weighty Decisions
  • Little Bruce Wayne
  • Technical Glitches Intensify
7.5Overall Score
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