About Us

We here at New Gamer Nation strive to bring you reviews, editorials and features of the highest quality.  We consider ourselves to be professionals and will always conduct ourselves as such.  We will not release a review unless we have played the game being reviewed extensively.  To waste your time on a half researched, half played game is wasting everyone’s time and your time is more valuable then that.  We make ourselves 100% available to our readers and we encourage you to reach out to us.  Whether you agree or disagree we will always respond and we will always respect opinions other than our own.  We always look at games objectively and give you the facts as well as our opinion, the way reviews should be.  We realize your time is valuable and we greatly appreciate you reading our content and responding to us.  We hope that our material lives up to your standards and we thank you sincerely for coming to the site.

Having a video game site is not an original concept is not a new idea.  Nothing that is done here has never been done before but what makes us unique is our opinion.  That is the reason you are here and that is why we are so appreciate of you, the reader.  We realize you put some weight in what we say and how we feel and that’s why this site is something special.  We can never compete with the Gamespots and IGNs of the world and that is okay but that is not why we are here.  We are here to give you a different perspective on gaming in general and we hope you use us as a supplement to your quest to learn and your craving to indulge on the world of video games.  This is our promise to you.

We are New Gamer Nation, love us or hate us.