1. Snake is silent
    • People are defending Silent Snake by claiming the cassette tapes have enough talking to justify it. I like listening to them as much as the next guy, but that doesn’t change the fact at an emotional scene, Snake feels completely absent. A whole conversation will be going on and Snake will just give a look, or maybe a hand on a shoulder. I’m actually shocked hearing him speak in the game at all. It makes the game feel like it’s missing something since Big Boss was so vocal in previous games.
  2. Kaz doesn’t shut up
    • Sadly, Kaz is more than happy to blab about nothing to make up for Silent Snake. Every time I fulton someone you don’t have to say something, Kaz. Yes, Kaz, I’m taking everyone in this damn village including all the mortars, machine guns, and vehicles. Deal with it. You have to assign the people, you have to put them in their proper place, and you better be ready for when I start sending animals your way too. Hearing you speak constantly isn’t necessary and it’s distracting.
  3. People talk over cassette tapes
    • Speaking of which, having someone speaking over my cassette tapes makes it annoying to play them whenever I’m trying to do anything. I understand not playing them during a main mission, but on a side-op, I don’t need Kaz or Ocelot feeling lonely at Mother Base and contacting me over nothing. At the very least, I really wish the cassette tape just paused when someone spoke, then picked up where I left off. It would be that simple to make it much more enjoyable.
  4. Can’t have the heli fly from to different LZs
    • Every time I’m doing side ops and see another op across the map, I always wish I could hop in my Heli and fly over there without going back to my ACC. I know you can fast travel with boxes, but unless it’s just me, I barely find those mail platforms to do that. You can move around on Mother Base by selecting different LZs, I just wish I could do that in the overall map as well. That way I wouldn’t always have to go back to my ACC and redeploy.
  5. Credits roll before the mission
    • Plain and simple, this spoils what’s about to happen. Every time I see “Guest Staring Skull Face” I fully expect to see the crazy skeleton man. This goes for any unit or character. It’s strange this pops up before every mission, afterwards would have been fine, but for right now, I can’t even look at the screen when I am flying out to my objective. It’s not major, but it still annoys me.

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    • Shoie13

      The article is called “5 things that annoy ME about the phantom pain”.

      • jacksjus

        And your point is what exactly?

        Don’t give me that opinion piece shh either. It was written for clicks.

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        wow… how easily irked are you… @shoie13:disqus is right.. its what annoys HIM about the game.. you clicking the article was to find out what annoyed HIM about Phantom Pain.. not what annoyed you duhh! -__-

      • jacksjus

        Well sense there was a comment section the option was to agree?

        And for those that disagree, or want to point it out as nitpicking has to hear BS from the likes of you.

        This article is no different from a reviewer downing a score for what you may call being nitpick you.

        However, I didn’t come off as offensive to begin with.

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        no.. the comment section is here to comment/ discuss! the damn thing is called “Disqus” ffs -___-

      • jacksjus

        Then why are you on my d!$k right now? State your opinion and then move on away from me please.

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        *Sighh* you clearly seem to not understand whats happening.. just go forth and enjoy your life.

  1. ObsessedGeorge

    The names that are starring take away the surprise element. Guest starring Eli “The White Mamba” just ruined it for me. We have seen almost every cutscene through trailers, would it be that hard to skip the introductions? And the thing with the cassette tapes is really annoying. I found myself rewinding the dialogue because the guys at Mother Base wouldn’t stop their concersation. They got a well deserved smack. 🙂

    • jacksjus

      FYI you can listen to those tapes at any point during the game. I found it worthy to listen while creeping around in a mission.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Of course you can listen to the tapes at any point but when l play story missions is the worst time to listen to them. To many interuptions.

      • WitWolfy

        Especially when Kaz the MR I LOVE MY VOICE keeps on spouting crappy advice during the whole mission.

        “You need to capture that guy.”
        I probably hear that 15 times a level.. FFS go get him yourself you POS negative Nancy.

  2. WitWolfy

    I agree 100$ with each of those points… Each day I find new ways for hating this game…

    -I hate that you have top recapture the same friggin outpost over and ovewr again
    -Would’ve loved to see the tape oh how Skullface interrogated Codetalker with that bell.. SOUNDED INTENSE (to name a few)!!!
    -Why the hell is MB so big and yet feel so empty???

    • ObsessedGeorge

      There aren’t even seagulls to shoot at like Big Shell. 🙂 Yeah, there could have been so many endless easter eggs and secrets to uncover. Except for the diamonds, there isn’t anything else to look for.

      • WitWolfy

        Huh.. Didnt even think about that.. Would’ve been an awesome o mage to MGS 2.. Dont you think we’re expecting too much from “the ultimate metal gear” game LOL

  3. Gman

    He is silent because he is trying not to give away the fact that… he is not the real Snake.

    • WitWolfy


      What BS.. Even in GZ he was silent as shit, and that was suppose to be the REAL BB!

  4. Dynasty2021

    Snake is not silent, the tapes are where 90% of his dialogue is, and all the backstory and explanations are. You’re an idiot.

    To be honest, your only legit points are the helo and credits.

    • WitWolfy

      Well is next to silent during the FMVs, and thats whats pissing everybody off. Kojima said he choose Sutherland over Hayter because of the motion capture and voice over experience.. Guess what, those FMV dont have a lot of talking… So he flat out lied to our faces.