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Overwatch has been in closed beta for what seems like forever. Many people have been on the outside looking in on all the fun. A little twitch FPS, mixed with objective based gameplay, add on heroes rivaling any MOBA, and you got one hell of an appealing game. Many people jumped into the open beta on Wednesday and since it is a slightly different game than normal it can get confusing pretty quickly. I am by no means the best Overwatch player, but here are a few very basic tips that can help you immensely.

1. This is a team game about objectives.

No one cares how many kills/eliminations you have. Did you team win or lose? That’s what matters. You can be the best sniper sitting in the back getting tons of kills but if you’re team still can’t move the payload then you aren’t helping. Yes, maybe you have a bad team, but it’s about working with your team to overcome the obstacles. See what your teammates are trying to do and adjust your strategy to work with them. You aren’t six different people all playing their own game with the same end goal. You’re all one team, in one game, with one goal.

2. Switch characters mid-game.

You may have noticed that you can switch characters after you die. There is nothing wrong with switching characters when you need to. When your team’s strategy isn’t working, you keep dying, or maybe for a new offensive push; switching characters is not only acceptable but expected. There is no reason to stick with the person you picked in the beginning, especially if it isn’t working. Overwatch’s matches flow and change as they progress. You need to be ready to change with it. 

3. A diverse team but not necessary.

Overwatch is helpful by giving guidelines for how your team is currently built. It will let you know if you have too many snipers or a weak offense. This also makes many people play diversely (if they pay attention). So while this is good, it doesn’t have to be that strict always. You can be a little more offensive or tank heavy if that’s what you need at the time. Again, the games are fluid and you need to adjust. The guidelines can be thrown out the window when a match begins. Adjust accordingly. It’s also completely okay to have two of the same character. It’s generally not advised, but every game is different. I’ve seen two Black Widows hold down a defensive position from above making it a tough priority to take them out. There are plenty of other examples of people using duplicate characters but I’ll go on forever.

4. It’s okay to run.

There are battles you will not be able to win. Instead of admitting defeat and waiting for the respawn, you should do you best to survive. There are rare instances when this isn’t always the case, but when in doubt, it’s better to run away to fight another day. You may lead an enemy on a chase which pulls him/her out of the battle. You’re still helping your team by running away. Overwatch is not the game to run up, do damage, die, and then start it all again. It’s objective based remember? Generally speaking, this means the more time spent around whatever objective the better. Even if you don’t have a lot of health you can be a good distraction. The other team wants kills and may focus on you more than they should, which leaves them vulnerable to your teammates. At the same time, they can’t ignore you, because you are still a threat. But if you die, then they don’t have to even think about you at all, and that’s never good. 

5. Characters do call-outs.

It’s tough to learn at first but you’ll start recognizing what characters are saying. You’ll hear someone shout a phrase out and you’ll know their ultimate is coming. Very much like in real life when you play a sport it isn’t always about what you see. Hearing is equally important and picking up on what each character says will give you a huge warning with what’s about to happen.

Those are just quick five tips to Overwatch that will make you a better player, or well, at least not be a complete newb. By no means is this the end of what you need to be concentrating on, but it is definitely a start. There are smaller tips like having three people by a payload will move it faster, and obviously memorizing where the health packs are scattered about is huge. But for now, work as a team, try new characters and have fun. It’s an entertaining game that can be a lot of fun. 

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